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Life Is Different After Studying These Things

I submit a clarion call for all women who seek a better relationship with their Heavenly Parents to take the time to consider that it is time for a great paradigm shift. Life is different after studying these things.

Life is different after studying these things! The importance of a woman's view will become clear as you experience this HERSTORY art show in St. George this spring. My friend Megan Rieker's piece was chosen as the 'poster' piece to promote the show. In the fall of 2021, just eight months after my Chad crossed the veil, I went to another art show, the Certain Women Show in SLC, as a newly 'singled' widow. The Divine Feminine was the theme. I walked out mesmerized by my own possibilities.

Soon after that day, I read "Eve and Her Mother: The Importance of the Female Gaze in Our Art" by Valerie Hudson Cassler. I think you should read it too, and I'd love to know your thoughts.

God watches!


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