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So Different Now

She was happy as a caterpillar—all cute and fuzzy. But before she knew what was happening, she was frantically weaving a cocoon. She didn’t even know she knew how to do that!

Once in the cocoon, she thought she could rest for a while. Not so. Odd and painful changes were rapidly forced upon her. She was in a vat of mixed juices; she missed her fuzz. She was disappearing then taking on a new shape, but she couldn’t tell what form she was taking. She wanted to sleep or run away or complain, she cried, “Can anyone hear me?”

Disturbed again, a rush of energy and resolve overwhelmed her. She was determined to find a way out—a new strength emboldened. “Whew, that was hard!”

Now the world looks different. Thinking back, her old comfy coat has lost its charm. She flies! Landing on a leaf near a window, she sees the reflection and then weeps at the magnificence.

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