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At each moment of her existence, Woman chooses Queenship or slavery as she confronts the workings of her thinking mind. When her thoughts are in tune with Light, she feels at peace with her feminine roles and ignores the chaos in the world around her.

If dimness clouds the Light, she may find herself further from her Christ center; yet, agency and glory-power will remain, even if challenged. Her center cannot be destroyed, only momentarily weakened. Discontent will give way to joy when faithful thought choice abounds. She is never a victim of circumstance but a Priestess bound for her throne.

To see herself as she may become, Woman must go alone into the mountain of spiritual thought just as Eve went alone to the Tree of Mortality in Gan Eden. Once there, she must breathe the fresh air of truth surrounding her creative potential and recognize the power of her glory-bound agency. There she will find pure recognition of her divine importance and innate glory-power. She will move victoriously in any mortal circumstance because she will not be denied her rightful place.

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I love this! Just reading this gives me hope and a better understanding of my divine power. Thank you!

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