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Michele Noel's Respect the Path is available now! 


This edition of Respect the Path is in paperback.


Both paperback and e-reader editions are available on Amazon.


Respect the Path is a gritty truth-telling companion book to any 12-Step Addiction Recovery effort for women, although men can benefit from this work too--and many are! It is also a must-read for any woman (or man) who lives with or loves an addict and has suffered the abuses involved in such a relationship. Generally focused on the broad diversity of the Christian community, Michele pushes back on traditional Christian judgments about the "good or bad" direction anyone's path is currently taking. There is a lot of grace in this work!


Please be sure to follow Michele on Instagram @MicheleNoelBooks.

Respect the Path | A Recovery Companion for Women in Crisis by Michele Noel

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