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If you are a woman battling a myriad of emotions, struggles, roadblocks, and sorrows because of your own addictions,
the addictions of someone you love, abuse, betrayal trauma,
codependency, negative thought patterns, or other sorrows,
a Respect the Path Workshop is for you.

In Respect the Path Workshops, you will learn to identify and embrace your innate light and strengths. You will learn
how to choose filters of faith instead of shadowy filters
that keep you stuck. You will learn about the addiction recovery
path and how to create and hold healthy boundaries.
You will learn how to take control of your thoughts and
gain tools for healthy living for your body, mind, and soul.
Best of all, you will learn how to take back JOY!

Respect the Path Workshops are presently being prepared in

twenty-minute segments. They shall be posted here as well as on YouTube and Rumble. We are so excited about this adjustment in how we will provide this uplifting and life-changing information to you, and we know you will love it too.


Kathy Clayton | Sandy, Utah

"There were so many things I learned from Michele during her Respect the Path Workshop. I have a few favorites. The first is healthy thought-control. This has brought such peace and clarity to my mind and heart. Second, I am responsible only for myself and cannot change anyone but me. I am the guardian of my soul! Finally, I learned to rely on the Lord in all things. He is the one who knows my potential and wants to give me all He has. I am so grateful to Him for my life and my path."
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